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About Youvit

Youvit intends to become a leading Emerging Asia based nutrition brand focused on unlocking the potential of the Aspiring Middle Class. Our (ad)venture was founded out of a passion for building consumer health ventures that serve consumers in densely populated economies across Emerging Asia.  


We believe that the nutrition industry is broken and ripe for disruption. Large corporations serving mass market consumers put health-sounding brand names on basically unhealthy products, while the well-informed millennial population in emerging economies is craving for young and innovative brands that offer affordable premium products, that have sustainability in their DNA, and that have a passion for the consumer they serve. Our distribution strategy is based on retail, online sales and partnerships, thereby fostering consistent intake and repeat purchase.  


By developing our own brand of premium products, focused on Health, Beauty and Performance, we bring quality products within reach of the Aspiring Middle Class. By doing so, we can improve their diets and overall health, and consequently unlock their potential. Although data driven decision making and IT play an important role in the development of our venture, we believe in an old school business approach, based on solid fundamentals. Technology is for us an enabler and accelerator versus a key revenue driver. 


Youvit’s first product, the world’s best tasting multivitamin gummy, was launched in April 2017 and quickly became the best-selling vitamin products selling over 1,400,000 sachets in the first 18 months in 15,000 retail locations. We have successfully launched six products with several new products planned with the aim to expand to 35,000 retail outlets by the end of 2023. To scale our operations into new sales channels, new categories and new markets, we intend to board strong new team members who are eager to support us with bringing our journey to the next phase. 


About the Position

Joining Youvit as a Sales Operations Manager is an opportunity of a lifetime. Your life will be filled with new challenges, adventure, rewarding hard work – and play. You work alongside the management of a fast-growing start-up, flexing your entrepreneurial muscles while you are submerged deep into business development. It is the ideal place to develop your career and quickly learn what it takes to build and scale a business. You will be exposed to a wide range of departments, with a strong focus on sales and distribution, enabling a very steep learning curve and personal development.    

We see you as a fundamental part of the team, and expect you to truly feel part of, and contribute to the business. We are ambitious and ready to work hard to achieve our goals, the ideal candidate has the same intrinsic urge to excel in everything he/she does. We value people that get things done, don’t take shortcuts and are passionately curious. A potential match is street-smart, ‘hungry', and willing to embark on a great adventure. We prefer entrepreneurial and energetic ‘can-doers’ that like to roll-up their sleeves versus sitting in a suit in a fancy office.
















As a Sales Operations Manager you will optimize sales processes, forecast sales, and manage stock availability while collaborating with various departments. You'll also oversee data analysis and reporting, train and develop the sales team, manage distributor productivity, and manage the sales operations budget while ensuring compliance with SOPs for sustained profitability.


1.     Forecasting and Planning

●      Sales Forecasting

o  Develop and maintain sales forecasts for inventory, production and resource management.

o  Collaborate with Supply Chain and Commercial Divisions.

o  KPIs include forecast accuracy, production accuracy and inventory turnover rate.

●      Stock Management

o  Ensure stock availability across distributors branches and stores.

o  Collaborate with Area Sales Team.

o  KPIs include Service Level Achievement (SLA) from distributors to retailers.

●      Distributor Purchasing

o  Collaborative forecasting with distribution partners.

o  Monitor sales performance, adjust forecasts and ensure distributor purchases accordingly.

o  Collaborate with Area Sales Team.

o  KPIs include distributor purchasing accuracy and SLA from Youvit to Distributors.


2.     Collaborative Workflows

●      Process Optimization

o  Streamline and enhance sales processes for increased productivity.

o  Implement best practices to enhance the overall sales workflow in the commercial divisions

o  Collaborate with Business Intelligence and Commercial Divisions.

o  KPIs include growth in productivity in the commercial divisions.

●      Cross Department

o  Align strategies with other departments to achieve company-wide goals.

o  Collaborate with Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain and Finance.

o  KPIs include a streamlined drumbeat to achieve sales objectives.

●      Distributor Relationship

o  Maintain relationships with distributors.

o  Collaborate with Area Sales Team.

o  KPIs include Distributor KPIs achievement such as sales, active outlet and returns.


3.     Data Analysis & Reporting and Tools

●      Data Analysis & Reporting

o  Provide sales reports to management highlighting KPIs, market trends and customer behavior.

o  Collaborate with Business Intelligence Team.

o  KPIs include availability of relevant data sets for decision making.

●      Sales Tools

o  Implement sales technology solutions, including Sales Force Automation, dashboards and CRM.

o  Provide training and support to the sales team on the effective use of tools.

o  Collaborate with Business Intelligence.

o  KPIs include dashboard adoption rate and KPI achievement by Commercial Divisions.


4.     Sales Training & Development

●      Area Sales Team Development

o  Organize training to transfer skills, product knowledge, and sales techniques to the Commercial Divisions to meet targets and deliver exceptional customer service.

o  Collaborate with Human Resource.

o  KPIs include team member’s achievement and career advancement.

●      Salesforce Development

o  Recruit and develop Sales Promotion Girls (SPGs), Sales Merchandisers (SMDs) and manage a team of mixed and dedicated Distributor Sales Reps (DSR).

o  Built a comprehensive training program including product knowledge, selling steps, and campaign activity. Train Team Leader to lead weekly training sessions.

o  Collaborate with HR for vendor management and with Area Sales Team for salesforce management.

o  KPIs include visibility, sales, active outlet, new open outlets and must have list SKUs.

●      Performance Management

o  Prepare weekly reports on Area Sales Team and Salesforce performance and analyze productivity.

o  Collaborate with Area Sales Team.

o  KPIs include visibility, sales, active outlet, new open outlets and must have list SKUs.


5.     Budget & Compliance

●      Budget Management

o  Manage sales operations budget.

o  Collaborate with Finance and Commercial Divisions.

o  KPIs include budget management and the achievement of profitability..

●      Compliance Sales Operations

o  Ensure compliance with internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

o  Collaborate with Finance & Compliance.

o  KPIs include independent decision making and budget management by Commercial Divisions.




●      Solid academic background;

●      A minimum of ten years of work experience in a fast-paced work environment, experience in sales operations and distribution for consumer health products is preferred;

●      Proven track record of optimizing sales processes & tools and driving operational excellence;

●      Excellent communication and writing skills; Good command in English and Bahasa Indonesia;

●      Demonstrated strong analytical skills - 'getting-things-done' over a process driven mentality; systematic thinking, strong analytical, communication and excellent problem-solving skills;

●      High moral standards and personal qualities of integrity, credibility, commitment to the business;

●      Able to work within an ambiguous and fast-paced environment;

●      Strong feeling of responsibility.


Snapshot of the Role


Title                 : Sales Operations Manager

Level              : Senior Manager

Location           : Jakarta

Language          : Fluent in English

Education         : University Degree

Experience       : Minimum ten years in relevant field

Contract           : Three-month fit-period, full time position afterwards

Reporting to     : VP of Sales & Distribution


Sales Planning & Forecast, Stock Management, Budget Management, Sales Analytics, Inventory Management, Process Optimization, Cross-Functional Collaboration, Training & Development, Sales Tools, Team Training & Development, Distributor & Customer Management


Past Roles of Relevance


Sales Operations            : Sales Operations Manager, Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) Manager

Area Sales                    : Regional Sales Manager, Area Sales Manager

Distributor                  : Branch Manager, Business Manager

Training                                   : Sales Team Trainer 


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