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·      Sales Forecasting

o  Sales Forecast | Construct a bottom-up sales forecast supported by a comprehensive Trade Marketing Plan to meet quarterly and annual sales targets for the Modern Trade Retail portfolio. This includes National Key Accounts (NKAs) across Pharmacy, Hyper & Supermarket, Minimarket and Non Food as well as Local Key Accounts (LKAs). Retailers include Watsons, Guardian, K-24, Kimia Farma, Century, Ranch & Farmers, Lion Superindo, Hero Group, Carrefour, Matahari Group, Gramedia, Ace Hardware, Ramayana, Toys Kingdom and Alfamart.

o  Trade Marketing Plan | Translate the campaign calendar from the Marketing team into a Trade Marketing plan customized to retailer and store level, that achieves the above Sales Forecast. Trade Marketing amongst others includes the planning and implementation of product availability, product visibility, field team activity and frontliner engagement.

o  Budgeting | Undertake the actions above while managing a portfolio budget including TTA, SKP, Product Returns, Materials and Manpower that turns YOU’s sales operations profitable.

o  Teamwork | Undertake the above actions while working side by side with the Account Management team and understanding market, retailer and store dynamics.


·      Trade Marketing Plan

o  Joint Business Planning | Support the Account Management and Distribution Management team in negotiating strong partnerships for the execution of the Trade Marketing Plan. This includes arrangement of product availability, frontliner engagement and product visibility through usage of product displays (a.o. Check-Out-Counter displays) and various Point of Sale Materials (POSM).

o  Field Team | Structure the job responsibilities of the field team, including Team Leaders, SPGs and (Sales) Merchandisers and work hand in hand with the Field Team Trainer to execute the Trade Marketing Plan on store level.

o  Monitor | Monitor the execution of the Trade Marketing Plan, by means of on-shelf availability, installation of visibility and frontliner engagement. Improve upon the Trade Marketing strategy through iteration based upon these data driven learnings.


·      Operations

o  Product | Translate the sales forecast into a production forecast in support of the Supply Chain team to ensure 100% Service Level Achievement (SLA) from Youvit to the Distribution Partners.

o  POSM | Translate the Trade Marketing Plan into a forecast for Point-of-Sale Materials (POSM) and work hand in hand with the Marketing Team to source materials in support of timely implementation.

o  Campaigns | Lead the quarterly campaign planning for Modern Trade retail portfolio together with the Marketing and Online team to ensure Account Management and Distribution Management can execute the Trade Marketing Plan timely.


·      Business Development

o  Ranging | Set up ranging strategy for products categories (a.o. Health, Beauty, Performance), product formats and pack across Modern Trade retail to ensure growth of both customer acquisition and retention across SKUs.

o  New Channel | Create launch plan in support of New Channel Development (NCD) like coffee shops, gyms and schools. Upon successful incubation of new channel, channel management is handed over to either Account Management (Modern Trade) or Distribution Management (General Trade).

o  New Product | Create launch plan in support of New Product Development (NPD), including the launch of Herbal Vitamin and Acno by Q4 2022.


·      Team Work

o  Coach | Coach and mentor the Channel Manager General Trade on the set of responsibilities above applied to Apotek, Modern Trade Independent and Cosmetics stores.

o  Relationship | Work closely with distributors, retailers and institutions to grow sales and built strong relationships in support of the above.

o  In-store Execution | Ensure in store sales and marketing promotions are properly executed and have a passion for being in the field and on the move 24/7!

o  Grow the sales of Youvit within the Medan based portfolio of National Accounts (NA) including Pharmacy, Hyper & Supermarkets, Non-Food channels & Mini-markets. Amongst others, channels like Watsons, Guardian, K-24, Kimia Farma, Century, Ranch & Farmers, Lion Superindo, Hero Group, Carrefour, Matahari Group, Gramedia, Ace Hardware, Ramayana, Toys Kingdom and Alfamart.

o  Local Accounts | Penetrate and grow the sales of Youvit within the Medan based portfolio of Local Accounts (LA) including Local Key Account (LKA), Mini Markets, (MM) Baby Shops (BS), General Trade (GT) and Apoteks (A). Amongst others, channels like Brastagi, Irian, Suzuya and miscellaneous MM, BS and GT outlets.



·      Solid academic background;

·      A minimum of 5 years of work experience in a fast-paced work environment, experience in distribution management in FMCG or Pharma Industry;

·      Excellent communication and writing skills; Good command in English and Bahasa Indonesia;

·      Demonstrated strong analytical skills - 'getting-things-done' over a process driven mentality; systematic thinking, strong analytical, communication and excellent problem-solving skills;

·      High moral standards and personal qualities of integrity, credibility, commitment to the business;

·      Able to work within an ambiguous and fast-paced environment;

·      Strong feeling of responsibility.


Snapshot of the Role

Title                : Channel Manager Modern Trade

Location          : Jakarta

Start date          : ASAP

Language         : Fluent in English

Education        : University Degree

Experience       : Minimum five years in relevant field

Contract           : Three-month fit-period, full time position afterwards

Compensation  : Competitive salary

Reporting to     : National Trade Marketing Manager



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